Cleveland area early music musician's directory

This list is designed for both professionals and amateurs. My hope is that people will use it for a wide range of purposes from forming new ensembles ("I'm hoping to start a group dedicated to performing late medieval German music.") to one-off groups ("I've just found this great piece I want to perform--if only I could find a crumhorn player.") to social gatherings ("I want to have a party where we sing through the Tallis Lamentations, but we need more basses.") to finding musicians or ensembles for hire ("I want a Renaissance wind band to play the procession at my wedding.") If you would like to be on this list, send your information to res29, then an "at sign," then Give me whatever contact information you are comfortable with. You're welcome to give the url's of any personal or ensemble webpages to direct people to further information.

Name Vocal range/Instrument Eras/genres of interest Contact info. URL's Town
Christina Babich Cello, baroque cello, viola da gamba, vielle Historical performance of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
(330) 388-3110
* Cleveland Heights
Cindy Bush Bass and treble viola da gamba, Baroque violin, alto recorder, rebec, vielee, portative organ, hurdy-gurdy Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque. Will teach gamba, rebec, vielle
H: 440-240-9097
cell: 440-669-3686
* Sheffield Village
George Carr Alto, tenor, bass trombone, sings tenor Has played much 16th C, would like to try other eras
* Fairview Park
Jana Draeger Soprano Medieval, Renaissance * Cleveland
Fred Lautzenheiser * Contact person for the Immaculate Conception choir (Tridentine Mass). (Accepts singers for single Sundays if you want to stop by.) * *
Alison La Rosa alto voice, traverso Baroque, works for chamber choir or orchestra
(908) 489-0753
* Cleveland
Jeffery Quick Sackbut, director of Burgundy, a Ren. wind band Burgundy will play parties, weddings * Cleveland
Lisa Rainsong Soprano 14th, 15th C, music theory prof. at CIM * Cleveland Heights
Beverly Simmons Alto One-on-a-part ensembles and small choirs, Renaissance and late medieval. Choral conductor.
(216) 283-4649
cell: (216) 401-2485
3285 Enderby Road
Shaker Heights, OH 44120
* Shaker Heights
Robin Snyder Mezzosoprano Before 1600. Esp. medieval monophony, 15th C polyphony.
(216) 368-8838 Cleveland Heights
Voix-Sirenes Sarah Fuhs (soprano)
Sherry Holcomb (soprano)
Cheryl Moore (mezzo-soprano)
Vocal polyphony from the late medieval through the baroque periods. * Cleveland

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