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Robin Snyder

I am an early music vocalist by night and a physicist-turned-theoretical-ecologist by day (and let's face it, many nights as well). I began performing as a solo singer when I was a postdoc, singing 15th and 16th C French and Italian lutesong with Theatrum Musicum. I've always been drawn to medieval music, however, and so just before I took up a faculty position, I founded Briddes Roune and recorded an album of 13th C English song. I haven't been quite as active as a musician since I became a faculty member, but I recently (just after tenure!) recorded a second album, La Domna Ditz ("The Lady Says"). This album is devoted to the songs of female troubadours ("trobairitz") and contains many of my own settings, as only one trobairitz lyric has an extant melody.

"One extant melody?" you say? Yep. For many medieval lyrics, the tune has been lost. In these cases, performers have two choices. One is to write their own setting. The other is to sing the lyrics to the melody of a song with the same metrical structure, if one exists (creating a "contrafact"). For help finding melodies to use as contrafacts, see the Troubadour resources page.

Lenten is come by Briddes Roune

La Domna Ditz - Songs of the Trobairitz by Rossignol

Commercial uses: If you'd like to use any of this music in a commercial product, contact Magnatune about licensing. If you're looking for background music for your business, my music is included among the mixes provided by Moodmixes.

Non-commercial uses: Both albums were released under Creative Commons licensing. To learn the details, scroll to the bottom of the Magnatune licensing page here.

News: The title track from Lenten is Come will be used in a scene in the film "The Philosophers." I received the following summary: "Scene used: Character who is an opera singer named Utami played by Indonesian pop artist Cinta Laura Kiehl sings operatic piece accompanied by Harp." I am told that Ms. Kiehl will be lip synching. If I ever get a chance to see ths film, it's going to be very strange to hear my voice coming from someone else's body.

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